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Website Compliance Waiver

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Your website’s compliance and security are paramount. To uphold the integrity and safety of the digital spaces we create, it is our standard practice to incorporate Accessibility Compliance, in line with ADA guidelines, and Enhanced Security Measures into every website we develop. Should you choose not to include these essential services, we require that you complete this waiver form to document your decision.

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Accessibility Compliance Waiver

Ensuring that your website is accessible to individuals of all abilities is not only a practice of inclusivity but also a legal requirement to comply with ADA standards. It is essential for providing equal access to services and information. If you wish not to implement these compliance measures for your website, please indicate your decision below. Learn more about why this is important and pricing here.
I acknowledge the importance of ADA Accessibility Compliance and choose to:*

Advanced Security Measures Waiver

In an environment where websites routinely process Personally Identifiable Information and data that may fall under HIPAA’s purview, robust security measures are not just advisable—they are critical. Our Enhanced Security features are specifically designed to protect your website against a vast array of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. This is essential not only for the safeguarding of sensitive data but also for maintaining the trust of your users and compliance with regulatory standards. Please indicate below if you wish to waive this vital enhancement for your website. Learn more about why this is important and pricing here.
I recognize the critical importance of Advanced Security Measures, especially given our handling of PII and HIPAA-sensitive information, and choose to:*

Submitting this form confirms your informed decision and acknowledges that Apis Productions will not be held liable for any issues that may arise from services that are waived.

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Website Compliance Waiver



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