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Accessibility is an inevitability. 

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What is web accessibility?

As you know, the Americans With Disabilities act requires businesses to ensure that everyone can access their physical locations (ex: wheelchair-accessible ramps).

Now websites need to make similar adjustments to accommodate people with disabilities (ex: insert a description of an image so that a screen reader can relay it to a user that is blind).

_ Why should I make my website accessible?

1. Mitigate Litigation Risk: In 2021 alone an estimated 300,000 website owners (roughly 1% of small businesses) received Demand Letters for failing to have accessible websites. The average settlement range was around $10,000 to $30,000. Making your website more accessible helps you to manage this significant litigation and reputational risk.

2. Optimize your website’s reach and create a competitive advantage: As a professional, staying attuned to industry trends is paramount. The rapid expansion of accessibility considerations presents a prime opportunity. These sectors cater to a diverse clientele, encompassing individuals with disabilities (approximately 15% of the population). By ensuring your website’s accessibility, you can forge a competitive advantage, tapping into a vast, underserved, and remarkably loyal segment of potential clients. Implementing accessibility measures not only cultivates inclusivity but also contributes to diminishing bounce rates, ensuring unfettered access to your website’s content for all users.

3. It’s the right thing to do: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion social movement is growing exponentially. Inclusivity is a civil rights issue and brands that make it a priority are sending a clear positive message that they see and care about all members of the communities they serve. 

_ Advocates for accessibility

Here are a few organizations in the legal industry that use accessWidget. If they trust it, so should you.

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