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security package

Security Package

Security is our first priority

Apis Productions has been implementing security protocols to protect your digital assets for decades. In 2022, across all industries, there were over 15,000 attacks per week on websites and digital properties. The Insurance and Finance industries alone average 1,339 weekly security breaches. An average of 33,000 websites are attacked online every day.

Today’s cybercrime landscape is a challenge that requires profound diligence. To meet this challenge, Apis is introducing an Enhanced Security Package subscription to stop and prevent attacks from compromising the websites we maintain.

_ The Enhanced Security Package is available to our existing hosting clients for $65/month and includes:


DDOS mitigation through Cloudflare

DDOS attacks can bring your server to a crawl. DDOS mitigation stops the attacks before they can succeed


2-factor Authentication

Prevents unauthorized access and mitigates damage from phishing scams


Security Lockouts

Shields your site from repeated attacks at the login level


Brute Force Protection

Protects against a hacker using a program to guess login credentials


Monthly File Optimization

Prevents malicious bots from guessing their way past your home page


Unique Login Page for Admins

Secures privileges on your site by restricting access to the back end


24/7 Threat Monitoring

Monthly security maintenance oversight combined with daily threat data analysis to stay ahead of emerging risks

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Security Package



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