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_ security + uptime + analytics = engagement

Apis Bee
Apis Productions employs our own dedicated servers to ensure maximum uptime, security, and regular maintenance for your website. Consistent reporting helps us prevent problems before they happen while optimizing load times and accessible features on your website. We offer robust security starting with our Pro Plan to ensure your website is immune to the ever-shifting threat landscape on the internet today.

Take a look at our 3 options to decide which best suits your needs.

3 Plans for your Website

Our Pro Plan is the most popular.
If Security is a priority for you, take a look at our Pro and Premium plans.

Save $120/year with the Hosting + SSO Bundle!

When you combine our hosting plans with SSO, you’ll receive a $10/month discount on the regular price of $100/month for SSO.
This means you’ll only pay $90/month for SSO, resulting in savings of $120 per year.

By bundling hosting and SSO together, you not only simplify your online operations but also enjoy cost-effective pricing for these valuable services.


*Please note that these prices and savings are subject to change and may vary based on specific packages and promotions.



per month

The Essentials

10 GB Storage
Daily Backups
Malware Scanning & Repair
WordPress Patches and Updates
Theme Updates
Plugin Updates
Dedicated Servers Managed 24/7/365
Maximum Uptime 99.9%

per month

Most Popular

Everything in the Basic Plan Plus:
Data Analytics weekly reporting with one customization
Enhanced Security Package
DDOS mitigation through Cloudflare
2-factor Authentication
Security Lockouts
Brute Force Protection
Monthly File Optimization
Unique Login Page for Admins
24/7 Threat Monitoring
Yearly Security Audit/Report
Yearly SEO/Technical Audit Report

per month

The Ultimate

Everything in the Pro Plan Plus:
4 hours of support per quarter ($300 dollar value)
Data Analytics weekly reporting with unlimited customization
One yearly SEO/Technical Audit plus full reporting and phone consultation
Yearly Security Audit/Report plus phone consultation
Quarterly training for the website management upon request


Hosting Packages

Our focus is your success

At Apis Productions, we’re committed to making website maintenance easy and stress-free for our clients. With our automated billing, responsive support system, and discounted packages, you can trust us to keep your website running smoothly without breaking the bank.

You can use your allotted hours anytime within the quarter, giving you the flexibility to use the services when you need them most.

For our clients on the Basic Plan who want even more robust security, we offer an Enhanced Security Package. Click here for details.

_ The care and feeding of your website

We make sure you’ve got the tools and resources you need from our team for the proper care and feeding of your website. Our support team works tirelessly to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.  Our focus is your success. We provide an online Support Ticket Center for our clients, so our support team can provide timely solutions to any question or issue.

Our new Book a Bee service allows our clients to get expert help for tasks beyond technical support needs, for things like SEO optimization, adding a new feature to your site, or additional content creation.

And finally, we offer our value maintenance packages which ensure priority support.

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Hosting Packages



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