Website Spring Cleaning Checklist

The birds are chirping, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the color green is everywhere! It’s spring! Your website needs a bit of spring cleaning, just like the bottom of your closet.

Roll up your sleeves, shake out the website welcome mat, and refresh your website.

Tidy Up

  • Is your news page updated? When did you last write an article for your site?
  • Do you have an events calendar and is that up to date as well?
  • In the “About Us” section, have any of your staff changed and are the key details still correct?
  • Check that the copyright message at the bottom of the page is up to date with the current year.

Freshen Up

  • How is the site looking? Is it a little dated?
  • When did you last refresh the imagery? Get some new pictures on the site, take some new team photos!
  • What about getting some video on the site? What would you want to say to visitors?
  • Does your site reflect what is new and exciting in your business?
  • How about mobile devices? Bear in mind that over 52% of internet traffic is accessed on mobile devices. Does your site look great and work smoothly on a small screen?

Sing the Right Song

  • Is it clear what a visitor to your site should do to get in touch? Does your site provide a clear “Call to Action”?
  • Add some fresh content. What has changed in your business since last spring? Do your visitors have the same problems and challenges? How do you resolve the issues? Are they the same issues or have they evolved over time?
  • How about your social media accounts and directory listings? Do they all contain the right information?

Tune Up the Working Parts

  • Check to see if any and all forms are submitting and that you are receiving the messages.
  • Any automatic emails? Do they still contain the correct contact details?
  • Are your social media and sharing links all up to date and working?
  • Check for broken links. We can help you with this.
  • Are your visits being tracked in Google Analytics? Log in and check. How is your traffic doing compared to this time last year?

As always, we are here to help! If you need assistance with any of these topics or if you need a spring cleaning web audit, get in touch with us!