PHP Upgrade

PHP is an open-source programming language that WordPress uses to run internal functions and process database information. PHP is a living project, and like WordPress, is constantly being updated and patched for bug and security vulnerabilities. Newer PHP versions fix these vulnerabilities and optimize the processing and delivery of your website content.

Over the next few weeks, we will be conducting a PHP 7.2 upgrade on all customer sites we host. The upgrade to version 7.2 comes with both active and security support from PHP, which will cease to be provided for previous versions.

What does this mean for you, our clients?

PHP 7.2 offers potential performance benefits as well. Some customers have experienced up to 40% faster page speed, as well as greater memory efficiency, upon upgrade. Additionally, PHP 7.2 provides enhanced security via the inclusion of the Argon 2 password hashing function and the introduction of the Libsodium cryptography library.  What’s more? WordPress versions 4.0 and above are actively optimized to use PHP 7 and above, meaning you get almost twice the performance out of your site when running PHP 7.2.

No DNS updates are necessary! Your websites will remain on the same server, with the same IP address and CNAME. Only the PHP version will change. With vital security updates and vastly improved performance features, migrating from older versions of PHP to PHP 7.2 is an easy and important update.