Top 5 Best Ways to Market to the Senior Audience (Especially as it relates to the Insurance Industry)

If you want to consistently bring in new clients, you have to dabble in marketing. It can be tough, especially if you haven’t had any formal education or experience.

We’ve put together some really great tips to help you figure out what works best. Even better? All of the advice is for marketing to your target audience: seniors — especially as it relates to the insurance market.

#1: Video Marketing

The thing we need to notice is that the video content marketing we use should be tailored to the senior audience. Pay attention to how they use digital devices, and make sure your message is made to speak to that audience.

When it comes to digital screens, they can be quite small, which makes it difficult to follow the message in your video. To help with this, make sure the video uses texts, colors, and sounds that are appealing and clear. Your video, overall, should be senior-friendly.

Start a blog and use video

Consider starting a blog that includes insights and valuable strategies that engage your targeted audience. If you are talking, consider leveraging social video to get your message across.

You can start simply by leveraging Facebook or LinkedIn, or get fancier with webinars and YouTube. Either way, engaging your network around what is relevant to them while leading them to your marketing goal is the balance you are looking to achieve.

#2: Social Media

Think a senior audience isn’t connected to and using social media? Think again! Today, 52 percent of seniors over 65 say they use social media. Smartphone ownership among seniors is up, too. Now, five in ten seniors own a smartphone.

Social media channels are one of the most effective ways for brands to not only build recognition but also distribute valuable content to customers and prospects. As you examine your own marketing strategy, consider adding in a social platform or two to the mix. Use these sites as a way to distribute your blog or other content, and try experimenting with advertising, including sponsored and boosted posts.

Get to know your audience, and find out what sites they’re using. Then, you can refine your strategy to more effectively reach them. It’s easy to be intimidated by the veritable avalanche of information on what social platforms you should be using, best times and days of the week to post, and other dos and don’ts. While that information can certainly help you get going, the most important thing is to pay attention to your own audience and data.

Google yourself

Whether you know it or not, you have an online footprint. It is important to Google your name and see what others are learning about you.

Develop a great LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the first sites that will come up when you are Googled. This is a great way to control your narrative.

#3: Email Marketing

Seniors who are brave enough to dabble in the digital realm probably started by creating an email account. Email content has the convenient capability to be both creative and concise. Email can gently guide your prospects into taking a step further to user-friendly landing pages for products or events.

A critical part of marketing is creating a connection with your customers and prospects. You wouldn’t just walk up to someone on the street and say, “Hey! Buy an insurance policy!” Instead, you’d take time to create a rapport with that person, showing them the value you provide, then discuss a purchase.

Email marketing is an effective way to help build those connections. People get a lot of emails, sure, and this is your chance to cut through the noise and deliver true value to your audience. Consider creating a weekly or monthly e-newsletter that shares more about what you’re doing for customers and in the community. You could also include some information that answers common questions or helps solve persistent pain points. Over time, your audience will come to depend on the information you provide, and that sort of brand loyalty makes it more likely to not only make a sale but also create the sort of solid relationship that leads to renewals and word-of-mouth referrals.

With trust playing a huge role with the 65+ audience, a strong, owned email list cannot be underestimated.

#4: Direct Mail

Like other marketing methods, the key with direct mail is to deliver value and a clear ask. Direct mail often has a higher budget than digital methods, so it’s important to maximize your investment — and also deliver an optimal experience to your audience.

Keep text light and use visuals like images and infographics. A brief, concise piece like a two-sided postcard is likely a better option than an info-heavy brochure or tri-fold. When you craft your piece, make sure you’re giving your recipient a clear path. What do you want them to know? What do you want them to do?

#5: Talk Radio

Talk radio has a huge audience, and advertising across this platform can be very effective across an older demographic. Today, even podcasts are growing audiences across all ages. The advertising can run you a pretty penny, but it’s still quite effective.


Communicate in ways seniors appreciate

The internet is great, and tons of people are using social media. Don’t forget about ‘old media’. Staying on top of technology is getting harder and harder these days, especially for the older generations.  Experiment with more dated types of media to see what kind of results you get. This includes flyers, phone calls, and even billboard signs.

Build trust

Seniors don’t just want to be communicated to in their favorite mediums; they want to be communicated in ways that make sense to them! As people grow older, you should use every touch point to build trust between them and your brand.

Let them know that you care about them every step of the way, and find ways to relate to them. For example: Be upfront about pricing and/or additional charges.

Remember that seniors are looking to build relationships as much as they are looking to purchase insurance, so if they can trust you, they’ll want to continue to build that relationship.

Be clear and concise

Eventually, people are going to go ask you questions about your products and service offerings, and it’s going to be up to your communication style to help them.

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