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Website Design Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help you identify and document the overall goals, expectations and requirements for your website project. Each key stakeholder should fill out his or her own survey. Answer each of the questions in a thorough, but brief and clear manner. Feel free to add any additional notes or comments at the end.
  • Purpose (Objectives and Goals of the Project)

    The first step in producing an effective website is to define its purpose.
  • Audience (Who Will Visit and Why)

    List as many potential site visitors as possible and what you feel to be their specific content interests.
  • Content (What Do You Have to Say and Show)

    Identify the information that your target audience will find most interesting or useful.
  • Brand Message (Marketplace Differentiation)

  • Design (Tone and Personality)

  • Functionality (Interactive Features / Business Process)

  • Competition (Who is Online?)

    Direct competition
  • General

  • Success (ROI / Return on Investment)

  • Assessment (Evaluation of Your Current Site)

  • Additional Comments