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Video Services

Apis Productions is now offering CUSTOM video services to utilize in social media posts, on your website, mobile devices, everywhere! This is your brand colors, logos, message, all wrapped into one video the way you want it to look.

Videos made for you! $100 per video
30 second videos, two revisions
Why do I need video?
Putting a video on a landing page increases conversion by 80%
We hear so much about engagement and branding these days but don’t really have time to chat with potential customers or clients on Facebook or any of the other social platforms.
You might ask yourself:
I create newsletters, work with everyday clients and get new business from happy clients, but what else should I be doing as a business owner?
1. Include videos in your email newsletters: If your company has an e-newsletter (which you should) you should definitely be including videos in as many newsletters as possible (but not all of them – keep your content diverse.)
Just take a look at the statistics: Using a video in an email increases the email click-through rate by 200-300%. And because videos increase the likelihood that your newsletter will be viewed all the way through, it also means that you are likely to generate more traffic to your website and social channels.
2. Advertise your products: Videos are a great way to introduce whatever it is that you’re selling to prospective customers. Statistics show that videos are greatly influential in a buyer’s decision making process, and that 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
3. Post videos of products, events, sales on your site or social channels: Make a short teaser video to build up a certain level of anticipation for an upcoming event. Show off the best aspects of your product or sale and offer a line or two about why it will be worth somebody’s time and money. Video engages and motivates people to action.
4. Go live: The not so new kid on the video block is live streaming.
You can start a live video stream on Facebook, on Twitter using Periscope, and now even Instagram. What typically works is to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look; people love that VIP feeling and seeing how things are truly flavored. Introduce yourself, make some jokes, and introduce all your employees as well. Going live in this way really gives a human face to your brand, helps you connect and engage, and in our hyper-connected world, that personalized touch is exactly what small businesses need to stand out amongst the crowd.
As a final incentive, consider that over half of total Internet users use their cell phones to access the web. Many of them, of course, are less likely to stop to read some tiny text on a tiny screen than watch a YouTube clip. Maybe that is why, according to YouTube, mobile video consumption rises by 100% each year.
To reach those mobile customers, you have to be making videos.

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Video Services

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Video Services



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