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Terms and Conditions

We will invoice for time and materials on the project. An initial deposit will be invoiced as we start the project. A monthly invoice will be sent for hours worked the previous month. Toward the end of the project we will provide you with an accounting and you may either apply the deposit toward the final invoice or toward the hosting fee that will begin at the time of launch.

As an open source content management system, Wordpress is in a constant state of being updated and enhanced. We carefully identify themes, plugins and tools for the websites we build that we feel will be supported; however, we cannot guarantee that the theme, plugins and tools we set up on your website will be compatible with the latest version of Wordpress.

During the development process, a variety of plugins will be installed and configured for the required features and functionality of the website. These are typically 3rd party plugins that are developed and supported by vendors or programmers. We cannot guarantee these plugins will be continuously supported and they can potentially cause conflicts within the website. Should a plugin we identify and install on the website stop functioning or cause a conflict within the first 2 years after launch, we will repair or resolve the issue at no cost. After 2 years, depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right to charge our normal support fee to remedy the website. We typically use a number of premium plugins on websites we build that we maintain a developer license to use. Should you decide to move the website to a different host provider, you will need to replace the premium plugins and obtain your own license.

The Wordpress theme we use is actively supported by developers and we anticipate that it will be for the foreseeable future. That said, themes eventually have an end of life. An unsupported theme becomes outdated with current technologies and can pose a security risk. We suggest planning on a theme review and possible change every 2-3 years. Should you decide to move the website to a different host provider, you will need to replace the theme and obtain your own license.

Stock Imagery
As we design and build the website, we will identify images, videos, illustrations and/or icons for the various pages. Our standard fee is $50 for up to10 images. If your project requires additional images, or assets that cost more than our standard source fee, we will identify these and ensure you are aware of the additional fee. We will be including the cost of the images in your final development invoice and providing the images to you for your use.

Launch Process & Support
Toward the end of your project, we will identify a specific launch date and manage the launch process which will include accessing your domain host. If we are replacing a website that is being hosted elsewhere, please don’t forget to cancel your hosting once your new website is live. We have a full service support team ready to assist you with any website updates or changes after the launch. We will provide additional information about support services at the time of launch.

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Terms and Conditions



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